2021 IEEE International Conference on Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Electronic Engineering (CSAIEE 2021)


Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Electronic Engineering

  • Computer Science


    Architecture, Compilers and Parallel Computing

    Automation software engineering

    Communication and Information System

    Computer Aided

    Computer Animation

    Computer Hardware/Architecture/Embedded Design

    Computer Network and Information System

    Computer science and Computer Engineering

    Computer security

    Computer simulation

    Computer Software

    Computer vision


    Digital signal

    Digital system and logic design

    Geometric Modeling

    Human-computer interaction

    Image Processing

    Knowledge data engineering

    Linear Programming

    Management and Office Automation

    Management Information System

    Multimedia applications

    Network Communication

    Operation Research

    Optical Communication Technology

    Pattern Recognition

    Physical Electronics and Nanotechnology

    Programming Languages

    Quantum Electronics and Laser Technology

    Robotics and automation

    Scientific Computing Visualization

    Systems and Networking

    Virtual Reality

    Wireless Communication Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Affective design/Humanized Design/Industrial Design/Innovation Design/Sustainable design/Usability Design/Service Design/Sustainable design/Usability Design/Service design/Interaction design

    AI and evolutionary algorithms

    AI-optimized Hardware

    Artificial Neural Network

    Automated problem solving

    Automatic Programming

    Big Data Search and Mining Algorithms


    Brain models, Brain mapping, Cognitive science

    Computer Analysis and Software Design of Biological Systems

    Customer preference and User Modeling       

    Cyber Defense

    Data Mining

    Decision Management

    Deductive Synthesis

    Deep Learning

    Design Education

    Digital Art and Esthetics Design

    Digital Twin/AI Modeling

    Distributed AI algorithms and technique

    Distributed AI systems and architectures

    DNA Computing and Quantum Computing

    Fuzzy logic and soft computing

    Gene Sequence Information

    Heuristic searching method

    Hidden Markov Model (HMM) Technique

    Integration of AI with other technologies

    Intelligent information fusion

    Intelligent information systems 

    Intelligent manufacturing

    Knowledge representation; Knowledge-based Systems

    Knowledge Worker Aid

    Languages and programming techniques for AI

    Learning and adaptive sensor fusion

    Machine Learning

    Machine Translation

    Modeling Techniques

    Multi-Discipline Fusion Design

    Multimedia Learning

    Multisensor data fusion using neural and fuzzy techniques

    Natural language processing

    Neural networks and applications

    Pervasive Computing and Ambient Intelligence

    Procedure Conversion

    Process Implementation

    Recommendation and Personalization Technology

    Robotic Processes Automation

    Sampling, Estimation and Hypothesis Testing in Statistics

    Social intelligence (markets and computational societies)

    Software tools for AI

    Speech Recognition

    Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing

    Virtual Agents

  • Electronic Engineering

    AC and DC Machines and Drives

    Analysis and design of electrical machines

    Basic Concepts of Signals


    Communication Network Technology

    Computer Science and Engineering

    Control Theory and Applications

    Data Acquisition and Digitization of Analog Signals

    Digital Communication System

    Digital Filter Design

    Discrete Systems, z-Transform and Fast Fourier Transform

    Displacement Current

    Domain Structure

    Electric Power Technology

    Electrical Machines and Adjustable Speed Drives


    Electronics and Integrate Circuit

    Electrostatic Motors

    EMC related phenomena

    Ethermal Vortex Model

    Fiber Optic Communication System

    Free-Space 3D

    Frequency Response Function Analysis and Applications

    Hardware Reasoning of Digital Signal Processing

    Image, Video, Audio, and Speech Processing

    Intelligent Systems and Approach

    Laminated Piezoelectric Oscillator

    Lattice Defects

    Linear machines and drives

    Machine Learning

    Maintenance and Fault Diagnosis

    Materials and Devices

    Micro Optomechanical Systems

    Micro-Electro-Mechanical System


    Microstructured Optical Fiber

    Modelling and simulation

    Modulated Structures

    Motor drives and motion control

    Optoelectronic Integrated Systems

    Permanent magnet machines and drives

    Photonic Integrated Circuits

    Photonics and Optics

    Physical Analogy

    Piezo and electrostatic actuators,

    Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Motor

    Power Spectrum Analysis and Applications

    Program-controlled Switching Technology

    Reluctance machines and drives

    Sensorless control

    Set of Electromagnetic Equations

    Structure Bicrystal

    Super Magnetostrictive Devices

    System Control

    Telecommunication Systems and Computer Networks

    Two-dimensional Waveguide

    Use of Shape Memory Alloy

    Waveform Analysis